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Published: 2021-07-02

The Model of Ascatic Practice of Monks in The Mekong River (Thai-Laos)

Phramaha Noppadol Navatalayanyo, Phrakru Sudhikhambhirayana Wi, Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo


An analysis of beliefs and rituals on the serpent in Theravada Buddhism Related to Phra That Phanom

Phraphalad Pojthapon Thanasompunno (Yubonlerd), Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo, PhraSophonphatthanabandit


The Guidelines for Applying Buddhist Principles in Promoting Well-Being and Learning Among the Elderly at Wai Kaew School, Mahasarakham Province

Phrakhru Udomprachanukul, Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo, Phra Sophonphatthanabandit (Sukanya Aruno)


Language Strategies in Contemporary Isan Country Music

Peerapong Kenthoraphak, Sopee Untaya


Book Review: Ethics in Buddhist Scriptures

Phamaha Tharapat Charoendham