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Vol. 10 No. 3 (2023): July - September 2023

Published: 29-09-2023

Cambodian Buddhist Monks and Forest

Samphose Prak, Jaras Leeka, Ratanak Keo


Buddhist Management Innovation Modern Organization

PhrakhrupaladBoonchuay Chotivungso (Auiwong)


Integrating Buddhadhamma in Academic Excellence Administration

Phanthira Thitapan, Phramaha Phisit Visittapañño, Yingsan Hapa


The Evaluation of Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Faculty of Pitchayabundit Collect Using a Cippi Model

Nitra Chosungnern, Lada Donhongsa, Somchai Pachob, Siriwimon Rassamiphiphat, Suradet Promkham


Role of Local Administrative Organizations in Promoting Employment of the Elderly in Nakhon Phanom Province

Nuttavut Vaikijanek, Kamolporn Kalyanamitra, Satit Niyomyaht, Tassanee Lakkanapichonchat


Policy Implementation of Electric Vehicle (EV) Promotion

Jessataporn Bunnag, Kamolporn Kalyanamitra, Satit Niyomyaht, Tassanee Lakkanapichonchat


Concept of Domination According to Theravad Buddhist Philosophy

Hemaluk Sukbumrungsub, Suwin Thongpun, PhraChaiya Komaro, PhraatikarnPramaul Athipanyo, Pairote Boriboon


The Truth of the Universe

PhraDhammasit Chotidhammo (Panitsiri), Jaras Leeka, PhraChaiya Komaro, Phraatikarn Pramaul Athipanyo


Rich Dad, S Cashflow Quadrant

Sudjai Jantaburom, Jaras Leeka, PhraChaiya Komaro, PhraatikarnPramaul Athipanyo


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