Comparison of Vocabulary Abilities for Pratomsuksa 3 Students between The Brain Based learning Instructional Model The Cooperative Integrated Instructional Model (CIRC Technique) and Conventional teaching approach

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The Activities to learn English depends on technique and styles to
teach. The teaching approach are more important to students. The teacher
must have the way to content and learning activities appropriate to the
individual differences of student. This study aimed to compare the ability
of the vocabulary for Prathomsuksa (graded) 3 at Ban Chaing Yuen school
The office of Education Udonthani Area 1. Who receive teaching approach
The B rain – based learning instructional Model (BBL). The Cooparative
integrated instructional Model ( CRIC technique) and. The conventional
teaching approach. The sample consisted of Prathomsuksa (graded) 3
from 3 classroom. The student were divided into 3 groups obtained
through the purposive sampling technique group 1 teaching approach. The
B rain – based learning instructional Model (BBL). The Cooparative
integrated instructional Model ( CRIC technique) for group 2 and the
Conventional teaching approach for group 3. The statistics used were Mean
and Standard deviation and F - test ( One – way ANOVA) was employed for
testing hypotheses. The plan is to use a brain – based learning (BBL) and
the Co – teaching a class (CIRC) and academic achievement test The power
distribution (B) from 0.22 to 0.50 and the confidence of the .838 The study
were as follow : Student receive The Cooparative integrated instructional
Model (CRIC technique) achievement learning abilities of students learning
English vocabulary than Students have been taught by traditional teaching
styles significant at .05 level of statistical significance In conclusion the
results of this study could allow us to know that activities for learning
English vocabulary of students. Teachers how to teach a course together to
help improve teaching and learning English vocabulary the more effective
Therefore it should support teachers in learning a foreign language (English)
used in teaching in another levels (graded)


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