1. To promote and disseminate studies, researches and new knowledge in the fields of measurement and educational research as well as other related fields.
  2. To be a medium for exchanging of academic opinions, both in theory and practice, among teaching staff, academicians and students.
  3. To promote presentation of academic works of teaching staff and students.
  4. To be a study and reference document for teaching staff, students and personnel who are interested in academic progress.

Policy and scope of publication

           The editorial department welcomes articles for consideration in the sciences of educational measurement and evaluation, educational research, statistics, educational psychology or related fields. In any case, accepting an article is up to the discretion of the editorial department.

The process of reviewing articles

            Every article that has been published in The Journal of Educational Measurement Mahasarakham University: JEM-MSU had passed the review by 3 reviewers.

Languages for publication

             An academic work can be submitted in Thai or English.

Issue dates of the journal

             The journal is semiannual, publishing the Jan-Jun issue and the Jul-Dec issue.

Journal supporters

              Educational Research and Development Department, Faculty of Education, Mahasarakham University


“Every article to be published in the Journal of Educational Measurement Mahasarakham University: JEM-MSU must have been reviewed by 3 experts in the form of double-blind review." (For articles submitted for consideration from april  7, 2023 onwards)