Follow up and Evaluation of the Program for the Master of Evaluation Degree in Edacational Research, Faculty of Evaluation Mahasarakham University

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Monitoring and evaluation of curriculum was the information for improvement a
concrete curriculum that remedied and developed defciency of curriculum effectively.
Therefore, the purpose of this research was to monitor and evaluate the curriculum
application, learning and teaching, strengths and weaknesses, professional capacity and the
quality of students as a whole. The sample included 278 of undergraduates/masters who
enrolled in the feld of educational research, Faculty of Education, Mahasarakham University,
since the academic year 2004-2009, 7 lecturers, 278 superiors of undergraduates/graduates,
and 278 colleagues of graduates, total 831 subjects, selected by stratifed random sampling.
Research instrument was two types of questionnaire i.e. checklist and fve rating scale queried
about curriculum evaluation 4 issues for master level in the feld of educational research. Issue
1 asked the lecturers 55 questions, issue 2 asked undergraduates/masters 33 questions, issue
3 asked superiors of undergraduates/graduates 41 questions and issue 4 asked colleagues of
undergraduates/graduates 41 questions. The questionnaire was rated at .30-.76 of item
discrimination and .91-.97 of reliability. The open-ended questionnaire 4 issues: issue 1 asked
the lecturers 5 questions, issue 2 asked undergraduates/masters 9 questions, issue 3 asked
superiors of undergraduates/masters 9 questions and issue 4 asked colleagues of undergraduates
/graduates 8 questions. Statistical method used percentage, mean and standard deviation.
The research results revealed as follows :
1. The opinion of undergraduates/graduates about curriculum application in
cluded objectives, subject areas and teaching of teachers was at a high level both overall and
individual aspect. The recommendation from undergraduates was to increase content and
time in each subject.Highlights of educational research feld was teacher knowledge and took
care undergraduates with sincerity
2. The opinions of superiors of graduate students and colleagues of undergraduates
/masters on the performance of graduates in the feld of knowledge, ability, human relations,
morality and ethics including knowledge and ability in all aspects was at a high level both in
overall and each aspect. In addition, the superiors and colleagues recommended about
research of undergraduate/master should have been doing research in various forms and focused on essential subjects related to concerned agencies of undergraduate/master that
could be useful for their work.
3. The subjects opined about the proud feeling or the impression in being
Selected to study in the program as a whole at a high level.
In conclusion this curriculum should be in Further use with quality and Evaluation,
M.Ed. Degree in Educational Research usage.


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