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Pornsawan Boonsatid
Onjira Santiwarakorm
Suttichai Thongkrowon


The Hotel business in Thailand is an important part of the Thai tourism industry. With continuous growth in 2018, the value is up to 2 trillion baht. There are 38 million foreign tourists visiting Thailand. Has the highest economic value in accommodation, which is become the number one income from Thai Tourism. While Thailand is entering Thailand 4.0 era since 2016 onwards to cope with rapidly changing and intense in the 21st century, focusing on the economy driven by technological innovation and creativity by giving more importance to the service sector business than the manufacturing sector, resulting in competition more in hotel business.

"Poshtel" is therefore a new trend in the hotel business Is becoming popular, a service innovation that comes from creativity. Has decorated the place to look elegant combined with strengths of local culture together with the simple boutique service. But use an affordable price strategy. Now a day became popular among consumers in the US 4.0 rapidly. Therefore, hotel business entrepreneurs should be aware of marketing strategy adaptation and new service platform creation that are different from competitors Including delivering a new experience to their consumers. This is a great opportunity for hotel operators in bringing concepts of product life cycle and marketing mix strategies to be applied together with the development of essential entrepreneurship skill. In order to expand the competitiveness advantage to meet the consumers’ needs in Thailand 4.0 era.


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Boonsatid พ., Santiwarakorm อ., & Thongkrowon ส. (2020). POSHTEL : NEW TREND OF HOTEL BUSINESS IN THAILAND 4.0 ERA. Journal of Educational Review Faculty of Education in MCU, 7(1), 301–317. Retrieved from https://so02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/EDMCU/article/view/241226
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