Buddhist Learning Beyond the 21st Century

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พระครูสกลธรรมสาธก กิตฺติสมฺปนฺโน
พระครูโอภาสนนทกิตติ์ โอภาโส


The Buddha taught the truth of life in order to know how to learn by starting from suffering, the cause of suffering, the cessation of suffering and the way leading to the cessation of suffering. The Buddha taught by: 1) Sandadassana or verification, 2) Samadapana or inspiration towards the goal, 3) Samuttejana or filling with enthusiasm, and 4) Sampahamsana or filling with delight and joy. The Buddha taught through practice, discussion, comparison with the natural media to be understandable, self-learning enhancement, to build faith and satisfaction in learning.

When there was a faith to learning, it was easy to access, understand the tenets of Buddhism correctly through reflective thinking and Paratoghosa such as teachers and students, friends and friends, relatives and relatives in life-long learning.


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