Virtues of Teachers

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นิทรา ฉิ่นไพศาล
พระครูสุจิตรัตนากร วฑฺฒจิตฺโต


The rapid changes in social environment affect teachers’ behaviors and there
is critic on teacher’s profession. However, teacher is one of the most important
components for the country development. Therefore the teacher’s ethics should be
improved because the teacher and ethics cannot be separated. The teachers without
ethics and virtues are similar to monks without discipline.
The teacher’s ethics are quality of goodness, rightfulness and appropriateness
embedded in the teacher’s mind and that will enforce teacher to perform the duty
appropriately and effectively. In Buddhism, there are many principles concerning
teachers, and some will be shown here. The teacher must have Kalyanamitta Dhamma:
1. Piyo or lovable, 2 Guru or respectable, 3. Bhavaniyo or adorable, 4.Vatta Ca or being a
counselor, 5. Vacanakkhamo or being a patient listener, 6.Gambhiranca Katham Kata or
able to deliver deep discourses, and 7. No Catthane Niyojaye or never exhorting


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