Social Network Behavior in Organization

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คาลอส บุญสภา
สฤษดิ์ ศรีโยธิน


The objectives of this research were to study the social network in
organization and the opinion of the executives to the social network of 4 companies
with different categories: Printing press, Insurance Broker, Hospital and Textile. The
examples were one executive and 10 staff of each company, 44 in total. The
instruments used in the study were efficiency test and interview form.
The results of the study found that the efficiency of the social network use
was at 2.31, 2.31 in communication, 2.49 in expectation, 2.23 in satisfaction, and in
total it was 2.34. The negative result was at a low level at 1.22. The use of social
network in customers was to receive an order locally and internationally and in
officials was to provide product information to customers and company public
relation. Furthermore, the officials use social network for communication in work,
internal public relation and for a good relation among officials.

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