The Educational Administration in the 21st Century

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พระครูปลัดบำรุง พระครูปลัดบำรุง ปญฺญาพโล โพธิ์ศรี
พระเทพปริยัติมุนี วีรปญฺโญ


The educational administration has evolved over time and become more complex with social changes. The educational administration is a process carried out in educational institutions to support educational activities to achieve the goal of education; educational product. The products are learners who are produced through teaching and learning process in order to be good and qualified citizens. Administrators in educational institutions must understand the real target of educational administration. The current teaching and learning is not limited only in the classroom. Sources of knowledge can come to learners from every corner in the world. It is a significant burden and duty of the executives to cope with the changes and proceed with the move of the globe in the 21st century smartly.


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