Knowledge: Happiness Development in the Real World

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ปราโมทย์ ยอดแก้ว


Current understanding of the knowledge in society is wrong and causing a
large number of unemployed graduates because they lack of understand in
knowledge for solving problems in life. When a man does not know the meaning of
true knowledge, he studies for a degree and not follow6 knowledge domains in the
Western concept: (1) recognition, (2) understand the concept, (3) application, (4)
analysis, (5) synthesis, and (6) evaluation. The concept in the East explained
civilization based on religious beliefs. Buddhism emphasizes knowledge that causes
happiness and develops a man from spheres to have a right belief, precept,
concentration and wisdom in creating values to a man with contemplation thinking
according to Yonisomanasikara principle accompanied by mindfulness, having the
right view and realizing the Four Noble truths, eradicating suffering and obtaining
happiness. In making a blissful society, a man has to develop oneself first through
Sappurisa Dhamma and then the society can receive the outcome from the
individual practice.

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