The Buddha’s Teaching Method with Learner-Centered Integration

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พระครูเกษมสุทธิคุณ พระครูเกษมสุทธิคุณ สนฺตจิตฺโต


Teaching is both art and science in solving learning problems and making learners learn happily. The Buddha is the model in good teaching. He started teaching from simple to complex contents. He was praised and recognized as the Great Master or the Great Teacher of human beings and celestial beings.

Good teaching can help students understand learning contents through media, activity, measurement and evaluation. Learners have a chance in learning participation and practice. It is clear that The Lord Buddha encouraged the audience to raise questions and opinions, and then he kindly gave them advice, direction, suggestion and incentive in practice according to their character. This concept can help solve learning problems by focusing on learner-centered method to let the learners participate in teaching and learning process. This concept can be integrated in teaching for students in every level. The teachers have to be open-minded to get feedback from students or others, and then they can learn from one another and self-study.


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