The Threefold Training as Education in Theravada Buddhism

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พระครูโกมุทสิทธิการ เกสโร
ศุลีพร เศวตพงษ์


Learning development in the frame of The Threefold Training is the systematic process of developing in behavior, mind and wisdom. This process of learning was associated and based on two theories; man and environment. The man perceives external factors through senses and sensation. Each perception consists of sense-objects, external factors and testimony as a starting point and has internal factors; Yonisomanasikara and conscious factors as accumulating center. It is the learning from outward to inward through the learning process based on The Threefold Training and experiences. That results to self-development to the change in behavior, mind and wisdom. These changes lead to self-development and elevate morality in society.


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เกสโร พ., & เศวตพงษ์ ศ. (2018). The Threefold Training as Education in Theravada Buddhism. Journal of Educational Review Faculty of Education in MCU, 1(2), 103–118. Retrieved from
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