Buddhism and sustainable development

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ธนพล วิยาสิงห์


The development in the world was started after World War 2, with the
growth of human society specifically in the material field. It started from agriculture
to industry, technology, space, and then borderless information technology called
globalization. What indicates the advanced development in fields is the technology.
The question is whether the development has reached its peak, what a man should
obtain after his birth; treasure, money, house and others. The possession of material
things is just for a while or when they are alive. Valuable But these men exist for a
while. While sleeping or dying, no one can bring any property with them. Human
beings just live on earth for a period of time, and then they have to abandon
everything to the world.
Looking at the development, we can see that one side is flourishing, but
the other is deteriorating. At present, the deterioration of natural resources appears
clearly. Even human life is declining with diseases. In depth consideration,
development is to arouse desire endlessly. The rich eagerly try to be richer. Human
desire is endless and human beings try to posses things as much as possible. The
resource nowadays cannot match the human desire. Mahatma Gandhi said that 'The
world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed.

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