Bala : creative power of the new school administrators.

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สมศักดิ์ บุญปู่


Executive education is an important part of that education in schools is carried out effectively recognize the need to integrate the power of modern science and Buddhist science. The creative power of modern education.
Integrating a fairly arbitrary Buddhist power by modern science to create innovative power management in the institution. It is the education of the new right. The obligation of the school administrators. The administration deserves some aspects of modern science, such as the power legally. Sanctions or enforcement powers, etc. The administration deserves some aspects of Buddhism is as fair as troops are working honestly. Relief aid are both colleagues and students, and school administrators should therefore use the civil justice administration in both the third and fourth aspects of education as a prerequisite. Then, should the eight aspects of power management in general, and the third in the four administrators to empower the administrative aspects. As quickly and efficiently as possible.


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