Internal Evaluation-focused Capacity Development Approach for the Task Force Working in Strategic Operation to Empower Network Members and Leaders of Specific Populations with Unique Needs and Contexts (2561 – 2563 B.E.) Thai Health Promotion Foundation

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Praphaphan Un-ob
Naphat Prapasuchat
Weeraboon Wisartsakul
Supathida Siriwong


This research aimed to study the capacity development approach designed for the effectiveness improvement of internal evaluation which would enable the task force of the strategic operation to empower network members and core leaders of special population groups, under the Office of Health Support for Specific Populations (Office 9) of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation.The action research was applied to develop an approach of internal evaluation capacity which consists of two components: 1) essential content for internal evaluation and 2) appropriate learning process for internal evaluators. The capacity development process was based on the knowledge on the Essential Evaluator Competencies by King, et al, and the Adult Learning Theory by Knowles. This research was conducted to develop the capacity of 20 target participants from 4 relevant projects. The reflection of the implementation and the synthesis for comprehension were conducted with After Action Review and content analysis processes. Data were analyzed for improvement and replenishment of the capacity development approach to make it appropriate for the target group.
The results were as follows: The Internal Evaluation-focused Capacity Development Approach should have 1) key content such as concepts, roles and functions of internal evaluators, models of evaluation, swot analysis, etc. and 2) learning process that is adjusted to match participants’culture and be consistent with the nature of learning of the project task force. It should be a combination of theory and practice, having a mentoring system to support the learning, in order to enable the target groups to apply it in their work and to practically solve problems of well-being of specific populations. Therefore, the Office 9 and the NHSO should support application of Internal Evaluation-focused Capacity Development Approach in the development of the internal evaluation capacity of the project task force under other strategies and/or other offices of the NHSO. Also, there should be on-line research in internal evaluation capacity in order to make it applicable in internal evaluation capacity development of the project task force during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


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