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             The objective of this article is to present Rovinelli and Hambleton’s concept on inventing “The Index of Item-Objective Congruence” (IOC) by presenting formulas that appeared in academic articles which could be retrieved in Thailand. And also, this article presents the analysis of similarities and differences among the IOC formulas that have appeared in various academic sources as well as the conditions of using the formulas as given by the academicians who invented them. One important point that has been retrieved is that, according to the original concept of IOC, the index is aimed to be used for item validation in a criterion-referenced test which has more than 1 objective, and each single item in that test aims to measure only any one of the objectives. However, the study found that the application of IOC in Thailand happens to suggest in such a way that it is meant for item validation of any single objective of the test, and therefore the arithmetic mean (gif.latex?\bar{x}) is used instead of the IOC.


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