Causal Factor Influencing to Science Achievement of Mathayomsuksa 3 students in the Upper Northeastern Region

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วิลาวรรณ จตุเทน
สมบัติ ท้ายเรือคำ


The purposes of this research are to study the relationship between various factors
and the achievement of Matthayomsuksa 3. The sample consisted of 827 Matthayomsuksa
3 student in the Upper-northeast Thailand, the second semester of the academic year 2008,
by the multi-stage random sampling technique. Two instrument in this study were A science
achievement test; with difficulties ranging .24-.62, discriminating powers ranging 024-.48 and a
reliability of .73, and A scale on factors influencing science learning achievement comprising
with 4 parts : instruction behavior, science attitude, self-directed learning, scale on perception
of science self-ability; with discriminating power ranging .32-.76 and reliability of .84 -.90.
Data analyze by path analysis with latent variables.
The results were shown as follows:
The self-directed learning had a direct effect to science learning achievement,
teaching behavior and self – ability in Science
The model was congruence with the empirical data data with x^2 = 105.82, x^2
/df = 0.96, GFI = 0.989, AGFI = 0.971, RMSEA = 0.000 and SRMR =0.018


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