A Comparison of English Learning Achievement for Communication And Self –Confidence of Prathomsueksa 2 Students between Using the TPR Activies and the CLE Activies

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The purposes of this research were : to develop the learning plan for English
communication of Prathomsueksa 2 students TPR and CLE activies Instruction with an
efficiency criterion of 70/70, to find out the effectiveness indices of TPR and CLE for
English lesson plan. to compare the English learning achievement for communication
and self–confidence of Prathomsueksa 2 students between the TPR Activies and the
CLE Activies. The subject include two classes of 50 Prathomsueksa 2 students studying at
Bansarmkhamittaphap 3 school, Mukdaharn obtained using the cluster random sampling
technique. The tool of this research were : Fifteen TPR and CLE activies lesson plans ;
the average total ( x 4.79 and 4.75 in order) the most of suitability English for communication
achievement test 30 items with IOC 0.80-1.00 discriminations between 0.38-0.73 and a
reliability of 0.74. An evaluation of student self confidence of Prathomsueksa 2 students
with discrimination between 0.28-0.56 and a reliability of 0.76, The statistical analysis
include percentage, mean and standard deviation. The Hotelling’s T2 was employed for
testing the hypothesis.
The results of the study were as follows :
1. The English lesson plan for communication of Prathomsueksa 2 students TPR
and CLE Activies Instruction had efficiencies of 78.31/76.27 and 77.94/75.73 respectively
which were higher than the established criterion of 70/70.
2. The English lesson plan for communication TPR and CLE Activies of
Prathomsueksa2 students Instruction lesson plan had in effectiveness indices of 0.6200
and 0.6000 The students had Post-test scores were higher than Pre-test. The percentage
were 62 and 60 respectively.
3. The Prathomsueksa 2 students that learning by using TPR and CLE had the
achievement do not different But The students that learning TPR had self confidence
higher than learning CLE. Statistically significant at the level .01


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