Canonical Correlation Analysis among Integrated Science Process Skills, Scientific Mind with Analytical Thinking, Science Creating Thinking Abilities of grade 6 students under the office of Nongbualamphu Educational Service Area 1

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The analysis of Ordinary National Educational Test (O-NET) found that the introduction
of the integrated science process skills used in the examination of not less than 50 percent
of the exam. This suggests that teachers need to focus on the science process skills to the
teaching activities and how to teach students to be capable of critical thinking and creativity.
This research is intended to study the pattern of our relationship. The weight from canonical
correlation canonical . Canonical variables and analysis from canonical correlation coefficients,
among Integrated science process skills, Scientific mind with Analytical thinking, Science
creating thinking abilities. The samples used in the study were 439 students from Grade 6 in
the second year of the Office 2555 of Nongbualamphu Educational Service Area 1 were
selected using stratified random sampling. Tools used in this research were test the
integrated science process skills, which has reliability 0.680 questionnaires measuring
Scientific mind reliability equal to 0.802 for both tests measure the Analytical thinking
abilities the reliability value equal to 0.727 for both tests measure the Science creating
thinking abilities the reliability of both the equal 0.948.
The results of research were as follows :
1. The canonical correlation for the set of independent variables, five integrated
science process skills, nine scientific mind with three analytical thinking and three science
creating thinking abilities are equal to .535, .346, .264, .193, .170, and .132, respectively with
statistical significant at the .05 level respectively. Except for the 4-6 functions are not
significant. Variances of canonical correlation in all six functions, which is a core value that is
equal to .400, .136, .075, .039, .023 and .018 are sharing equal measure. 40.02, 13.62, 7.47,
3.89, 2.30 and 1.77.
2. Most conventional canonical correlation among the integrated science process
skills, scientific mind with analytical thinking and science creating thinking abilities are the first
function. The raw canonical coefficient can be written in form scores as follows.
U1 = -.0688X1 +.3665 X2 +.1423X3 +.2205 X4 +.3925X5 -.0523 X6 -.6022 X7
-.0828X8+.4920 X9 -.0198X10 +.0915 X11+.2508X12 -.2008X13 -.1490 X14
V1 = .2604Y1+.4075Y2+.4829Y3 -.4505Y4+ .3915Y5-.0927Y6
And canonical coefficients are multiplied by the standardized scores of the cases
and summed to yield the canonical scores for each case in the analysis.
U1 = -.07828X1 +.47201X2 +.13270X3 +.26419X4 +.44328X5 -.02148X6 -.25657X7
- .03474X8+.27139X9 -.0184X10 +.05571 X11+.12927X12 -.12926X13 -.09632X14
V1 = .25023Y1+.38275Y2+.49705Y3 -.31075Y4+.71705Y5-.04330Y6
In conclusion, The initiative students as skill in formulating hypothesis, interpreting
data and making conclusions suspended judgment will result in analysis of relationships,
analysis of organizational principles and science creating thinking abilities of originality. They
have responsibility scientific mind will result in science creating thinking abilities of flexibility.
Therefore, teachers should be involved or to provide integration between science process
skills. Mental science analytical thinking with the ability to divide scientific mind.
Corresponding to each of the associated variable. This will allow students to integrate basic
science process skills. And the achievement of their students better. Also gives students the
ability to think critically and scientific creativity increase.


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