Speaking Ability Development through Project Work of the Third Year Vocational Certificate Students at Chaiyaphum Polytechnic College

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The objectives of this study were to develop the students’ English speaking ability
through project work in Business English for the third year vocational students to English
speaking ability before and after learning. The target group in this study composed of 16
third year students majoring in Business Computer, Chaiyaphum Polytechnic College,
Chaiyaphum Province in the 1st semester of academic year 2013 who study Business
The instruments used for gathering data comprised the seven lesson plans of the
speaking ability through project work, English speaking ability pretest and posttest, and the
satisfaction questionnaire used for measuring students’ satisfaction towards project work.
The t-test, Arithmetic Means( x ), Percentage, Standard Deviation (S.D) were
applied to analyze the data to measure the students’ English speaking ability before and
after using project work, and the students’ satisfaction after learning through project work.
The results of the study were as follows:
1. The students’ English speaking ability after learning through project work
showed significantly higher average scores on posttest than pretest at a significant level of
2. The results of students’ satisfaction questionnaire towards project work
learning were highly positive.


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