Evaluation of Teaching and Learning Arrangement at the Graduate Level of the Outside Educational Service Center Students, Faculty of Education, Mahasarakham University

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The Faculty of Education viewed that improving the society of teachers should be
performed in which responding to Mahasarakham University’s philosophy; therefore, the
university established the outside educational service centers. However, there was none
evaluation regarding teaching and learning arrangement conducted yet. Thus, this research
aimed to evaluate the teaching and learning arrangement for the graduate level in the
outside educational service centers under the Faculty of Education, Mahasarakham University,
in all 6 aspects ; namely, curriculum, teaching and learning arrangement, teaching and
learning media, measurement and evaluation, teachers and supporting factors. Research
samples were 225 graduate students who had been attending the academic year 2010 at the
Faculty of Education majoring Educational Management and Curriculum and Teaching for at
least two semesters and were retrieved by using the Stratified Random Sampling technique.
There were two research instruments; a 67-item five rating-scale questionnaire having a
discriminating power ranging from .31 to .59 with an overall reliability of .92 and a 37-item
check list observation form. Statistics used in data analysis were percentage, mean and S.D.
The results of the research were as follows:
1. The teaching and learning arrangement condition of the educational service
center project for graduate study was appropriate, able to enhance skills and the knowledge
gained could be used in the students’ work and research. Teachers were competent that
resulted in the students graduating by the curriculum plan. Moreover, the students were
enhanced with professional experiences by arranging the teaching and learning activities in
order to exchanging opinion and the curriculum also promoted foreign languages to the
students. However, it was found that there were still inadequate learning media such as
document and textbooks. The supporting factors were limited such as lacking of immediate
and updated public relation information providing through Internet, service of the centers or
the academics institute, provision of textbooks, documents, research for further studying,
inadequate provision of computers for services and using in teaching and learning and
insufficient network technology in searching information.
2. The appropriateness evaluation results of teaching and learning arrangement in the
educational services centers for graduate students as a whole and in each aspect; in the 5 aspects
of curriculum, teaching and learning arrangement, teaching and learning media, measurement
and evaluation, and teachers, was at high level while the supporting factors was appropriate
at moderate level.
In conclusion, the teaching and learning arrangement at the graduate level of the
outside educational service centers, the Faculty of Education, Mahasarakham University was
conducted in normal nature. The retrieved information was useful for developing the
teaching and learning arrangement to the higher efficiency and quality.


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