The Enhancement of Young Children’s Reading Theory Story Book Activity

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The purpose of this was is to study the behavior of young children’s “Reading
Theory Story Book Activity”. The was targeted for group of young children before, during
and after their experience when engaged with the activities as well as comparing their
behavior of young children’s reading theory story book six year old, were involved in this
study, they are in Kindergarten and, year 2 at Karnhuk Prachanusorn : organized by Chaiyaphum
Education Service Area Office 1. These 20 children were involved in the purposive sampling.
The duration of the children experience in the “reading theory story book activities” was
for 8 weeks ; 3 days a week ,and 45 minutes per day. Totally, In total, the targeted group
has gone through the activities for 24 times.
The instrument for this study were preschool children theory book activity plan,
story books activity plans, story books which made by researcher and the reading rating
scales, behavior scored 1 was showed reading behavior and 0 was never showed reading
behavior, reliability of .83, developed by researcher. The study was The Quasi Experimental
Design. The data was analyzed by one way Repeated ANOVA and development score.
The result was as follow :
1. The reading behavior of young children on reading theory story books before,
during and after their experience significantly higher than before at .01 level, The
development score first of pre-observation, observation 1,2,3 and 4 , mean score 5.35, 11.10,
13.75, 14.75 and 15.65.
2. After experiencing the young children’s Reading Theory Story Book activities,
the target group’s reading behavior was higher than before they were provided the activities
with significantly higher than before at .01 level, development score 64.38


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