A Multilevel Structural Equation Model of factors Influencing Basic Science Process Skills of Pratomsuksa 6 students at Roi-et Province

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Basic science process skills are important skills in science learning and teaching
and for studying at higher level. The activities that help teach the students to used process
skills. The system thinking knowledge how to solve problems by step and promote creativity.
The objectives of this research were 1) to studys multilevel confirmatory analysis basic
science process skills of Pratomsuksa 6 student in Roi-et Province 2) to validate the process
the process multilevel structural equation model of factors in fluencing to basic science
process skills of Pratomsuksa 6 student in Roi-et Province. The sample in this study consisted
of 1,356 , grade 6 student ‘s in primary school in Roi-et Province. In the first semester 0f
academic year 2014 from 90 classroom selected by a multi –stage random sampling.
The instruments used In the study were : 40 item a basic science process skills test with
difficulties (p) 0.22 - 0.74 , discriminating power(r ) ranging 0.37 - 0.82 and a reliability of
0.972 ; a scale on factor influencing the basic science skills comprising 4 parts with
discriminating powers ranging ( rxy) 0.27 - 0.75 and a reliability (α) of 0.959. collected
data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) ,
multilevel confirmatory factor analysis (MCFA), structural equation model analysis (SEM)
and multilevel structural equation modeling ( MSEM).
The results of research showed that :
1. The multilevel confirmatory factor analysis( MCFA) of basic Science process
skills fit quite well with the emprirical set X2= 47.195, df = 39, P-value = 0.172, CFI = 0.955,
TLI = 0.933, RMSEA = 0.012, SRMRW= 0.033 , SRMRB = 0.043 และคาX2 /df = 1.210 The
statistical analysis showed further that, the Factor loading of observe variables ranging
the 0.1 level of significance. All of the noticeable valiables could have in class correlation
more than 0.05, showing that the noticeable valiables had variances at the student and
classroom levels to be appropriate to use for are analyzing multi-level.
2. The structural equating model of multilevel factor influencing Basic science
process skills of Pratomsuksa 6 student in Roi-et province was harmonious congruence with
the empirical data by considering from the statistice used for checking the validity of the
model: set X2= 688.918 ,df = 346, P-value = 0.000,CFI = 0.961, TLI = 0.956 , RMSEA = 0.027
, SRMRW= 0.029 , SRMRB = 0.169 and X2 / df = 1.990 statistical analysis showed further
that, the Student level variable influencing to basic science process skills of significance
included: Attitude toward science (0.454) respectively. Where for the classroom level
variables, attitude toward science of (0.624 ) ,atmosphere in the classroom (0.506) of the
significance to basic science process skills.
In sum, the finding indicated that achievement motivation , attitude toward science
process skills in student level , teaching behaviors and atmosphere in the classroom have
influenced to basic science process skills in classroom level. Therefore, teachers and ones
who related in the process should support and develop those factors to be better which
help student’s basic science process skills to be higher.


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