Evaluation of Technology Classroom Projects by using among Collaboration Mahasarakham University and Tha Khon Yang Pittayakom School by The 360 Degree

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Evaluation of the project as a step by step guide to using the unified educational
decisions. This is an important process in the development of the project, more quality.
This research aims are 1) classroom technology project evaluation based on the
cooperation between school and mahasarakham University and Tha Khon Yang Pittayakom
School by The 360 Degree assessment model in the context of the 4 courses classroom
technology import factors in learning management processes help lesson format, the
result of the organized teaching 2) for project implementation guidelines the classroom
back information technology. Populations that are widely used in research into the
management of 7 people who teach. The number 7 people including teachers, a school
teacher who Tha Khon Yang Pittayakom School 5 people of mahasarakham University 2
students in the classroom project team technology. Conceptions that are 3 and 6 of
37 people, parents of students classroom technology projects. Conceptions that are 3
and 6 of 37 people, as all 88 people, a tool used in this research consists of
interviews and query the record of students ' learning results. Analyze data using the
average value per cent standard deviation analysis and content (Content Analysis)
The results appear as follows :
1. Evaluation of Projects Technology Classroom by using among Collaboration
Mahasarakham University and Tha Khon Yang Pittayakom School by The 360 Degree
evaluation model based on the opinions of the students teachers principals. Parents
by including the 4 sides that is fine on high level (µ=4.39, σ=0.58), when considered
as a list of the found that the context. School principals and teachers There is a
consistent opinion that there is a reasonable level. Such an assessment suggests that
the goal of the curriculum is appropriate and consistent with the vision and goals of
the purpose. The import factor in features There is a reasonable level. To define the
structure of the curriculum is consistent and appropriate. Undergrad courses are set
according to the strand that is consistent with the early learning standards is appropriate.
The process of learning management and promote learning. Measurement and evaluation
Management course in high level, which is consistent with the explicit learning
standards. The results. From the evaluation of the quality of the participants found
that the quality of the participants, based on the basic education curriculum. Buddhist
2551 (2008) are fine for most levels. Primary study are appropriate. To develop students
who are capable are responsible for, which is consistent with the principles of basic
education 2551 (2008)
2. Guidelines for Project implementing the classroom technologies feedback.
Research sum should be the training development of Teachers and teachers. To add and
customize the teaching style. And development of students by focusing on the learners.
Can apply the knowledge gained to design and develop learning and performance of
students to be accepted by society. Order to meet the needs of the community in the
area of education, it is possible one of the same, with the people in the area and the
community around the school as well.


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