Development Of Preschool Social Skills by Providing Group Play Activities at Hi-Tech Day Care Center

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The purpose of this research was to develop social skills of preschool children by
providing group play activities in Hi-Tech day care center and to study the effect of group
play activities to develop social skills of preschool children in Hi-Tech day care center.
Subjects used in this research were 14 male and female preschool children in Hi-tech day
care center ranging in age between 5-6 years old. The research instruments were 16 plans
of group play activities for preschool children, test of social skills of preschool children, and
social skill observation record. The obtained data were analyzed by mean standard deviation,
and content analysis. The results of this research showed that preschool children who
participated in group play activities developed social skills and had higher posttest scores of
social skills than pretest scores.

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