Development of Effective Learning Processes System in Primary Schools

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ณิรัชกร ทองน้อย
บุญชม ศรีสะอาด


This research aimed to develop the effective learning processes system and
evaluate the implementation of the developed system in the primary school, Thailand.
Research and Development (R&D) was employed which consisted of analyzing the
current states and problems of the effective learning processes system in primary
schools, designing and verification the developed system by experts, and
implementation and evaluation of the developed system. The developed system was
verified by nine experts. The developed system implementation was evaluated and
informed by eleven school administrators and teachers. The research tools included;
questionnaires, evaluation form, semi-structure interview form, and school record form.
The results showed that the developed effective learning processes system consisted
four main aspects and among those there were twenty one components; the input
aspect comprised of nine components, the process aspect comprised of seven
components, the output aspect comprised of three components and the feedback
comprised two Components. The implementation results have shown that student learning outcomes were improved and satisfied by school principal, administrators, and
teachers. This developed system were benefited and utilized by the school.


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