A Study of Users’ Satisfaction towards the Center of Excellence for Early Childhood Education, Mahasarakham University

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This research aimed to study the satisfaction of users towards the Center of
Excellence for Early Childhood Education (CEECE) , Mahasarakham University. The
samples of this study were 153 first – fifth year childhood education students who
studied in academic year 2013 and also were CECEE users. A questionnaire used to
collect data in this research was divided into three parts as follow: CEECE users’
general information, items related to the satisfaction of CEECE services included
service, service person, library resource and environment, and the last part was
recommendation and opinion. Statistics used in this study were percentage, mean, and
standard deviation.
The study revealed that;
1. Most of the respondents were female (137 students, 96.5%), among
this group, there were 31 fourth year students (21.85%), 30 third year students (21.1%),
and 29 fifth year students (20.4%) respectively.
2. The levels of CECEE users’ satisfaction were divided as follows: 1) users
had satisfaction with all services in average at moderate level ( Χ= 3.41), when
focused on each item, it showed that the satisfaction on a number of service person
was at the high level ( Χ = 3.62 , S.D. = 0.67), service hours ( Χ = 3.61 , S.D. = 0.70),
and duration time for borrowing (Χ = 3.61 , S.D. = 0.83) was sufficient to user
requirement 2) the overall satisfaction on service person was at the high level ( Χ =
4.13) when looked closely to each item, it showed that items with highest level of
satisfaction were service person dressed neat and tidy ( Χ = 4.30 , S.D. = 0.63), service
person had good communication (Χ = 4.18 , S.D. = 0.67), and service person had good
emotional control ( Χ = 4.41 , S.D. = 0.64) correspondingly, 3) the overall satisfaction
on library resource was at a high level ( Χ = 3.81), for each item, the satisfactions on
media/resource consistent with using purposes (Χ = 4.08 , S.D. = 0.72), media/
resource safeties (Χ = 4.04 , S.D. = 0.70), media/ resource conditions ( Χ = 4.75 , S.D. =
0.81) were at the highest levels respectively, and 4) the overall satisfaction on library
environment was at a moderate level, the CEEC E users had a high satisfaction with
cleanliness ( Χ = 3.81 , S.D. = 0.75), safety ( Χ = 3.75 , S.D. = 0.74), and tidiness in the
3. The CEECE users’ opinions and recommendation were presented as
follows: 1) in the aspect of service, the 34 users (23.94%) thought method of returning
media/resource was too complicate and 3 users (2.11) thought borrowing duration was
too short 2) in the part of service person, the 20 users (14.08) said service person were
friendly and 20 users (2.11%) believed the number of service person was not enough
3) in the aspect of media/resource, 27 users (19.01%) recommended more systematic
in books, media, and resource arrangement in order to make it easier to find and 3
users (2.11%) thought that there were too many English language books 4) in the
aspect of environment, 64 users (45.07) claimed that there was not enough space and
not suitable to be the library and 4 users (2.82%) suggested that there should divide
room space more effectively.


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