Evaluation of Education Management for the Graduate School of Chaiyaphum Rajaphat University

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This research aimed to evaluation on the management of graduate education
in Chaiyaphum Rajabhat University, Provided information to decision value judgment
about the education system. In the following aspects: 1) the context, 2) the input
3) the process 4) the results, and 5) the impact on the systematic evaluation and
energize. The main tool used in this research was evaluation guide for the data,
collected by means of observation, interviews and documents review, but also the
tools to verify the consistency of the data, such as discussion group and interviews
with the chairman and teaching staffs. The questionnaire used for the management of
teachers and student representatives pitches, 34 were analyzed by percentage, mean,
standard deviation. The findings and results of the evaluation by the dimensions
1) The context found in the study were consistent with the aim of
education was the same. The point graduate with no need to modify the policy
philosophy. An educational vision point graduate to study the conditions and the
consistency of the whole society, educational policies were consistent with the
direction. The national education plan in accordance with the norms and guidelines of
management of higher education institutions which were reasonably consistent at a
good level.
2) The input evaluation, the factors entering into the organization and
administrative systems were consistency and supporting management education
resources related to adequate education with performance and quality of education.
However, measures should be accounted and incentives for staff, and advance the
profession Including academic positions. The budgetary resources for the study of
media and education, and environment were at good level.
3) The process evaluation, found that the process of teaching and
learning was good. The location was great, but graduate students should be
encouraged to organize activities and teaching focuses on integrating research into the
classroom. And should use technology more. The operations The mission of the
schools in each group were found to be more strategic management by providing a
strategic indicator of success in all groups.
4) Product evaluation; concerned to curriculum goals - the standardize of
the expected learning results and skills found that the most students were very good,
The main results arising from the study was a learner. There were also physical health
and good mental health as well as moral and ethical values were desirable. The result
was very satisfactory. While the assessment of student knowledge. The skills required
in the curriculum In some Point graduate should develop the capacity of students to
follow the curriculum. The results arising from the operation of both rewarding and
educational. meanwhile the supporting of school’s reward should be added.
5) The impact of an education management found that, the quality of
the most students was found good. The teachers and principal’s competency and
behaviors in their jobs were satisfactory. The impact assessment of the level of
satisfaction from the results of the study. The study found that the acceptance and
satisfaction with the high level of faculty and administrators to evaluate based on
professional ethics and work habits found that people learn to accept the terms.
Responsibility Attention to students to provide administrative and management
services study found that community and social acceptance. All were in satisfaction


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