The Development of a Local Curriculum on Local Fabric Product Design in the Learning Strand of Profession and Technology for Matthayomsueksa 4

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ปิ่นอนงค์ พะนิจรัมย์
ประวิต เอราวรรณ์
มนูญ ศิวารมย์


The purposes of this research were : (1) to develop a local curriculum on
local fabric product design in the learning strand of profession and technology
for Matthayomsueksa 4, (2) to fnd out an effciency of the local curriculum in
teaching experiment using the lesson plans created by the researcher with the
criteria 80/80, (3) to examine an effective index of the developed local curriculum,
(4) to compare before and after learning achievements of the students taught
using the local curriculum on local fabric product design and (5) to investigate
the students’ satisfaction with teaching and learning via the lesson plans of the
local curriculum. This study was a mixed methodology research. The research
samples consisted of 30 students from Matthayomsueksa 4/2 class attending
Nong Hua Koo Puang Pracha Nukhroe, Udon Thani, obtained using the purposive
sampling technique. Research instruments consisted of semi-structure interviews,
group discussion questions, a local curriculum, lesson plans, a 30-item multiple
choices learning achievement test, two 10-item multiple choices objective tests
and a 30-item 5 rating scales satisfaction questionnaire. Statistics used in data
analyses were percentage, mean, S.D. and dependent t-test. The results of the
research were as follows :
1. The developed local curriculum consisted the following elements :
rationale, introduction, vision, mission, morale, objectives, learners’ competencies,
desired qualifcations, curriculum structure, subject and learning standards, learning
standards and indicators, course description, units, learning arrangement, contents,
time, instruction guidelines, educational media and resources, and learning
evaluation and measurement. the local curriculum was evaluated at high level. ( X = 4.30)

2. The local curriculum on the local fabric product design in the learning
strand of profession and technology for Matthayomsueksa 4 had following standardized
criteria :
2.1 The effciency of the proposed local curriculum was 84.03/85.00.
2.2 The effectiveness index of the local curriculum, taught by using the
developed lesson plans, was 0.7065.
2.3 The students who learned using the local curriculum had learning
achievements after studying higher than before at statistical signifcance level of .05
2.4 The students satisfaction with the learning plan of the local curriculum
were high level. ( X = 4.26)


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