Lessons from the development of 'Managing Information System' in reducing traffic injuries of Banphai hospital, Khon Kaen province and its network

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Background: Banphai district is one of the major economic areas in Khon Kaen province where traffic accidents often occur. The numbers of injuries visiting Banphai hospital varied between 1,800 and 2,000 cases/year, with about 30 deaths/year. To tackle this problem, the 'Managing Information System' (MIS) team was set up in 2009.   

Measures: Banphai hospital staff are the founding members of the MIS team. Soon after its inception, the team gradually included police, the Department of Highways (DOH), the Department of Land Transport (DOLP), commerce groups, and communities as part of its network. The 5E (Engineering, Enforcement, Education, Emergency, and Evaluation) and PDCA principles (Plan-Do-Check-Act) are applied. Each authority is responsible for different 'E', eg. the DOH for road engineering and the DOLP for educating drivers. The reporting systems between authorities were harmonized. 

Effects/changes: About 80% of traffic accidents related deaths are due to risky behaviors of the riders/drivers, while unsafe environments account for the rest 20%. Some concrete measures (both long run and short run policies) were proposed. Examples of the measures are (1) establishing clear traffic signs in risky junctions, (2) closing the U-turn points where clashes often occurred, and (3) an instigation of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between authorities for campaigning helmet use. Since 2014, the incidence of traffic accidents related deaths has declined for about one third. The MIS is also successful in reducing alcohol related traffic injuries by about 6%.

Conclusions: The MIS working system is a beneficial lesson for other areas to learn how to harness local resources and seek coordination from stakeholders for preventing traffic accidents. Open-mindedness, trust, reverence and endurance are key success factors.


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