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Pol. Lt. Col. Jirasak Nontakaw


Nowadays, information technology has played an important role in almost every aspect of human life both social and work. The police sergeant students must have to adjust the way they live and work to be in line with the modern information technology era effectively. No matter how much information technology has grown and played a role in life, the most essential thing which police sergeant students should have is Ethics in Using Information Technology that Arlene H. Rinaldi of Florida Atlantic University has compiled the rules of etiquette: known as Netiquette as follows; 1) Don’t use a computer to harm and abuse others, 2) Don’t interfere with other people's work, 3) Don’t snoop on or modify, view in other people's files, 4) Don’t use a computer for information theft, 5) Don’t use a computer to produce false testimony, 6) Don’t copy other people's licensed programs, 7) Don’t violate the use of computer resources without the right, 8) Don’t take the works of others as your own, 9) Must take into account what will happen to the society follows from the action. 10) Must use a computer with respect to rules and etiquette. The author has a suggestion to promote the ethical use of information technology among the police sergeant students to make them aware of the ethics of using information technology. Moreover, when the police sergeant students have completed the training, they will take it as a guideline for practice or control the use of computer systems and information properly and appropriately.

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