The Threefold Training to Learning development

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พระมหาสุพจน์ สุเมโธ


In the changing world, learning should be adjusted and developed to cope with changes on economic, politics, education, society, culture and environment. Learning causes a change in attitude, mindset, and values as well as an expression of human behavior in society. So learning in the modern time should be for living with others happily. People should change their views and shift from traditional paradigm to the new one. Learning is not only focused on knowledge anymore, but it also should create intelligence. Thinking skills, problem solving skills, communication skills, skills in living together peacefully, skills and abilities to apply knowledge creatively and beneficially should be integrated with Buddhist principles called The Threefold Training. To apply the Buddhist principles in learning is to develop learning process to realization and worldly knowledge. That results to creative attitude, creative values, and self-development skills in living a happy life in society.


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