Motivation Concept in Buddhism

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กนกรัตน์สิริ ทวีสุข
พญ.กรองกาญจน์ แก้วชัง


There are 2 types of motivation in Buddhism: positive motivation consisting Chanda or the will to do that should be encouraged to happen and negative motivation consisting of 3 Cravings: 1) Craving for sensual pleasure, 2) Craving for existence,  and 3) Craving for non-existence, that should be reduced and eradicated.  On the other hand, craving can be used as a powerful motivation to push our mind for the higher achievement, but it must be applied with the wholesome principles; the Noble Eightfold Path, Patisambhida, Dasabalañana and Kalyanamitta.



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