Five Precepts: Constitution in Contemporary Society

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พระครูสถิตบุญวัฒน์ ถิรปุญฺโญ
อำนาจ บัวศิริ


Five precepts are called rules of morality. Buddhists in Thailand can recite the Five Precepts by heart, but few of them can follow completely. In negative concept, it might be that each item of the five precepts starts with “To avoid”. It is a vow with a monk, not for daily life practice. Actually, the five precepts are regular practices in human life, not just only the Buddhists.

The five precepts are the foundation of practice that Buddhists have to follow in living a daily life. Thai people rarely realize the importance of the five precepts and put into practice. People are convinced with material pleasure than mental happiness. The advantage of the five precepts is resulted from a daily life practice. The results of the practice will be reviewed and analyzed for realization in life. That is the true benefit of the Five Precepts.


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