Teachers in the 21st Century Perspective

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พระสมุห์สัมฤทธิ์ ติสฺสานุตฺตโร (ดิสสา)


In Buddhist perspective, a teacher is a good friend and good at knowledge. The teachers should have the following qualifications: 1) to understand the subject contents, 2) to understand human behaviors, 3) to understand methods and strategies leading to the set goal, 4) to understand physiology and psychology, 5) to be able to identify individual differentiation, 6) to be able to identify difference of individual intelligence, 7) to be able to identify factors of failure and success, 8) to understand learners’ backgrounds, 9) to monitor the learners, and 10) to realize one’s self and one’s duty.
The teachers in the 21st century are relevant to Buddhist principles, that is, to be a good and qualified model of students and society.

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