Studying Students’ Moral Reasoning

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นิเวศน์ วงศ์สุวรรณ


The thesis entitled ‘A Study of Students’ Moral Reasoning’ aimed: (1) to
study the opinion of students in 9 aspects; responsibility, loyalty, disciplinary, charity,
gratitude, economy, patience, effort, and loving-kindness, (2) to compare students’
opinion levels in moral reasoning, and (3) to analyze students’ opinions concerning
the application of moral reasoning. The data were collected from 120 students
through questionnaires with random and purposive sampling and then analyzed by
computer program.
The results of the study found that:
1. The levels of students’ opinion towards moral reasoning in 9 aspects
were high totally.
2. The students’ opinion towards moral development activities was at the
high level; 4.69 in loving-kindness, 4.59 in charity, and 4.47 in responsibility.

3. Male and female students had opinions in moral reasoning differently
with a significant statistic figure at 0.01.
Keywords: Moral, Ethics, Students.

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