The Study of Teaching Strategies of Chinese Characters to Thai Students

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Zhang Song
Narueporn Wuttiphan


The study of teaching Chinese characters is a weak link of teaching Chinese to foreigners, and it’s uncommon for the study of teaching strategies of Chinese characters. In our opinion, teaching Chinese characters is the basic for the acquisition of other language skills, which can directly influence the improvement of students’ Chinese. Thai students tend to copy Chinese characters to help themselves remembering the characters, and most of them are interested in the culture of Chinese characters. There are some problems in their order of strokes when they write Chinese characters. According to the learning characteristics of Thai students, a teaching mode to combine “teaching spoken Chinese and characters separately” with “teaching spoken Chinese and characters simultaneously” is been promoted. We should pay more attention to introduce the knowledge of the culture of Chinese characters, and we suggest that we can offer the Chinese calligraphy course for Thai students to improve their interests for Chinese characters and consolidate their knowledge about Chinese characters, especially the knowledge about the strokes.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)