The Development of Thai for Communicative Skills Using The Task-Based Learning Approach

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Kanchana Tonpo
Nantaporn Sornjitti


The task-based learning approach is concept that focuses on development of language skills through work or work assignments. SWU 111-Thai for Communication is one of the courses in General Education at Srinakharinwirot University. The course applies a task-based learning approach in the development of teaching and learning by designing “an activity integrating knowledge and skills of Thai for communicative purposes”.  This group activity, which is assigned to learners, requires that the students produce a creative task in the form of short documentary in which the learners are given the opportunity to practice their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. There are three phases: 1) the Pre-Task Phase; 2) the In-Task Phase, which consists of three sub-phases: a) the task stage, requiring problem-solving skills, sharing personal experiences, and task creativity, b) the planning stage, and c) the reporting stage; and finally, 3) the Post-Task Phase, which consists of language analysis, language practice, and follow–up. The task-based learning approach helps to develop Thai language skills for communications.  Learners will practice the use of language both as a message receiver and sender. Moreover, they will be encouraged to use the language to communicate for work and also able to work with other people. These abilities can create a better atmosphere, improve learning, and can assist in making the teaching process become more effective.


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บทความเทคนิค (Technical Article)


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