Factors Affecting the Decision Making on Selecting Broadband Fiber Internet of Service Provider in Thailand Case study Company O

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จิตภรณ์ ทรงประกอบ
Pat Pattanaruangsun


This research aimed to study factors influencing the decision on selecting Broadband Fiber internet service of O Company which comprised personal factors, customer behavior of Broadband Fiber internet, marketing mix factors towards Broadband Fiber internet usage, Attitude towards Bundle selling and User experienced in Broadband Fiber. The primary data collected from Broadband Fiber internet user by online-questionnare for 405 samples during Febuary to March 2019 and analyzed by logit model. The result revealed that factors affecting the decisions of choosing Broadband Fiber internet at the statistical significance level of 0.10 were age, occupation, when to use Broadband Fiber internet, Past experienced in using Broadband Fiber internet of O Company. In addition, marketing mix factor in term of product, place, promotion, process, people and physical could significantly explain the decisions choosing Broadband Fiber internet as well. According to this reasearch, employees and exectutives were able to apply the result of the study to determine plans and strategies to increase competitive abilities also customers could contribute the data for choosing Broandband Fiber internet service.


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