The current state, problems, and the need of the Internal Supervision on the Effective Classroom Management in Middle-Sized Basic Education Schools

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The purpose of this research were to analyzing and synthesizing the current
state, problems, and the need in developing internal supervision of effective classroom
management in middle-sized basic education schools. The sample used in the research
consisted of school executive, and the teacher, in foundation in middle-sized basic
education schools. In the border has gone on a tour of inspection in the thirteen of the
academic years 2010, obtained using the stratified random sampling technique, 75
school administrators and 890 teachers, total 965 people. The instrument used in this
study was a 70 item, rating scale questionnaire, and end opens questionnaire was
a 6 item, The diagnostic test with content, IOC 0.80-1.00, discriminating powers ranging
1.79- 15.56 and a reliability of 0.97. The data were analyzed by arithmetic mean of
percentage, including mean, standard deviation and content analysis.
The research findings were as follows: The current state of internal supervision
of effective classroom management in middle-sized basic education schools was found to
be done at a higher level. For the problems, supervisors had too much workload other
than supervision jobs. They did not respect each other. The result of work
performance was not updated and lack of evidence. Work morale was likely to be
abstract rather than concrete. The supervisees did not understand the ways in constructing
evaluation tools and the right evaluation methods. The budget was also found limited.
Many teachers were found to have too many classrooms in their responsibilities.
Many students were against school rules and regulations. In terms of the need, the
supervisors should be allowed to reduce other work; appropriate assignment of the right
persons to be responsible for the internal supervision of classroom management.
Systemized supervision should be done. Concrete rewards should be promoted; teachers
should be encouraged to realize of the importance and benefits of evaluation. Seeking
other funding from other sources other than from schools.


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