The Development of Learning Management Model to Enhance Critical Reading in English of Mathayomsuksa 5 Students : Action Research

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The research purposes were : 1) to study problems and needs for developing the
learning management model to enhance critical reading ability in English for Mathayomsuksa
5 students, 2) to develop and find out the effectiveness of the learning management model
for enhancing critical reading in English for Mathayomsuksa 5 students. This research was
conducted by using methodology of action research for 2 phases, which were composed of,
2.1) construction for the prototype of learning management model to enhance the students’
critical reading. The informants were consisted of 8 English teachers in Mathayomsuksa 5
level from 4 high schools, under the Office of Secondary Educational Zone 29, and 16
students in those schools, and 2.2) developing for the efficiency of learning management
model to enhance critical reading ability in English of students. The target group and
research participants were comprised of 175 students in Mathayomsuksa 5 level and 5
teachers who provided English learning management in that level. The instruments were
used in research consisted of: 1) interviewing forms for teachers and students opinions about
English learning management, 2) an observing form for English learning activities in class, 3)
the plans for learning management of critical reading in English, 4) the test for critical reading
ability, 5) recording form for learning behaviors of students and learning outcomes, 6)
questionnaire for the students’ satisfaction in learning activities, and 7) the assessing form for
learning management model and concerned documents. The statistics were used in data
analysis consisted of mean, standard deviation and content narrative analysis.
The results of the study were found as the following :
1. More teachers who concerned with English learning management for
Mathayomsuksa 5 level, were lacked of comprehending and abilities in learning management
for enhancing of the students’ critical reading effectively. Because of they usually provide
learning activities in English for translation and remembering of vocabulary meanings with
grammar rules. Those were not promoting of the students’ critical reading sufficiently, and
then effected the students obtained the meaning and reasoning of statements and reading
information, with positive and negative aspects, to conduct for judgment conclusions in
reading. Therefore, the students should be developed for the students’ critical reading
abilities in English effectively
2. The results of developing of learning management model to enhance the
student’s critical reading abilities were found that, 2.1 the prototype of learning management
model to enhance critical reading ability in English for Mathayomsuksa 5 students, had the
components of 1) the principle of model, 2) the model purposes, 3) the learning procedure,
4) the social system, 5) the principles of responsiveness, and 6) the supportive system.
Whereas, that model was provided based on the theories and ideas of constructivist theory,
the information processing theory, theory of construction on prior-knowledge, reasoning
approach, and questioning strategies. Which learning management activities was composed
of 4 steps as : 1) Motivating and Reviewing on Vocabulary, 2) Reading and Obtaining Main
Idea, 3) Critique and Reasonable Pondering, and 4) Evaluating and Judging Conclusion, and
2.2 the effectiveness of developed learning management model to enhancecritical reading
ability in English, found that : 1) the students had critical reading mean score in each
research spiral increasingly for all of three spirals, 2) the students who learned based on
activities of learning management model had posttest of critical reading score higher than
pretest, 3) the students who learned based on activities of learning management model
showed satisfactory score with learning activities for overall at a high level, and 4) the result
of expert’s assessment score for the appropriateness of learning management model,
handbook for implementing of learning management model, and lesson plans for learning
management with overall scores were at a highest level.


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