Development of Electronic Books on History of Phrasaeng District in Social Studies Religion and Culture Strand for Prathomsuksa 5 Students

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หทัยทิพย์ ฉางแก้ว
ราตรี นันทสุคนธ์
นวลอนงค์ บุญฤทธิพงศ์


This research aimed to create and develop E-book on Prasang History. It was
also to compare achievement before and after using the E-book, and the find out the
satisfaction level of Prathomsuksa 5 students toward E-book on Prasang History for
Social Studies Religion and Cultural. Data was collected from 12 students who studied
Prathomsuksa 5, semester 1, academic year 2014. They were in Ban Bangyai School,
Sakoo Sub-district, Prasang District, Suratthani. The research instruments were 4 E-book.
Each E-book consisted of 4 copies with 10 items (p = 0.20–0.80, B = 0.24 – 1.00, rcc =
0.85, 0.82 , 0.72 and 0.71 respectively), and the achievement test with 20 items (p =
0.20 - 0.60, r = 0.33 - 1.00, rtt = 0.80). Satisfaction questionnaire was also used ( rxy =
0.26 –0.70,α = 0.84). Data were analyzed with descriptive statistic; percentage, Mean,
and Standard Deviation. Hypotheses were Wilcoxon Matched – Paris Signed – Ranks
The research results revealed that the E-book on Prasang History got
efficiency ( 1 E/E 2 ) at 82.92/81.25. The comparison results of achievement after using
E-book was hisher than preliminary process. It was at statistical significant level of
0.01. Furthermore, the students’ satisfaction level toward using E-book was high.


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