Development Text Book Code 30267: Thai Healthy Food from Local Green Vegetable for Matthayom Suksa 4

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สมใจ เพชรชิต
ราตรี นันทสุคนธ์
นวลอนงค์ บุญญฤทธิพงศ์


his research objectives this research were to develop the text book, compare
the effectiveness between before and after studying, and to study on satisfaction
towards the developed text book. The research instrument used was the text book
included 8 chapters, 8 lesson plans, 8 quiz (10 items for each which showed the
reliability between 0.70 – 0.98), a 30 items test which showed the reliability at 0.91,
and a questionnaire which showed the reliability at 0.93. The subjects were 30
Matthayom Suksa 4 students. The statistics used for this research were percentage,
mean, standard deviation, and t-test.
The research revealed that the developed text book showed the highest
suitability through the experiment group by 1:1:1, 3:3:3, and 30 were 72.50/71.11,
81.67/80.37, and 83.29/80.56 respectively. The learning effectiveness after studying
was higher with a significant at .05 and the developed text book was satisfied by
students at a high level for overall and each aspect.


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