A study of factors affecting sexual behavior of students high case study Srisaket Province

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เนตรนภา สุรสรณ์
สุมาลี ชูกําแพง
อรัญ ซุยกระเดื่อง


Sophisticated society in all aspects of life, whether it’s the economy,
society political culture and the western values so much. The quality of psychological,
moral, ethical, and moral less, as a result, the living legacy of social Thailand
focused practice sanctioned sanctioned and the value of developing mental decline
includes appropriate sexual expression was diminished as well. This research is
qualitative research the aim was to study factors sexual behavior of high school
students study Sisaket Province. A case study of a student with sexual behavior.
Students who are studying Divided into two groups: Tom Number 10 Number 10 and
bisexual. Instruments used in the experiment a record of home visits interview
and observation notes. Data collected included home visits, case studies no
participant observation and no formal interviews and verify the accuracy of the

information with technical data centers and the method of data collection,
analyzed by categorizing the content and writing compiled by means of descriptive
The results were as follows :
1. Family environmental factors the characteristics of students with
family relationships, sexual behavior is :
1.1 The relationship between parent and child relationships or doing
various activities. Shared between parent and child, the emotions and behavior of
girls turning to the typical behavior of male and female role models boys leaning
towards that. This occurs because the father always loved. Closely daughter too Loving
mother and son, or close too. And always take it with me always. Care or to be more
camaraderie. And the power of emotions, attitudes, values and the attitude of the
parents is excreted into the personality of the child as a unique engraved into his
mind little by little unawares
1.2 Personality of the parents and the relationship between parent and
child characteristics. Expressive gestures of the child's parents. And relationships Or
doing activities shared between parent and child. Affect the sexual behavior of
1.3 The expectations of parents Parents' expectations about the
sexuality of children. The parents are expected to have a son. She is dedicated to
her daughter everything to his son. By trying to raise her daughter as a boy. They also
have parents who expect to have enough daughters to sons. Everything is so
dedicated to her daughter. You may have to dress as women to have a child.
1.4 Love the bias to the parents to make love attentive to daughter
son until the son took over the offense and his parents make love more than
attentive to his daughter until the daughter was hurt. The child may be thinking
to yourself that parents love the child equally.
1.5 The relationship between brothers and sisters in the development
of identity on one side that is not wanted like one another, as if I was interested,
but I have no friends you’d behave in contrast, is not interested, but had many
friends. Likewise, if my brother had a habit of acting like a woman who behaves

like a weak person want to protect. The younger girls, it could act like a man’s
character was strong. I do not want to defend, because I like the character
they dislike, or are the same. It makes it unique is its subordination to it.
2. Factors in the school environment the environment in the school
of the students relation to sexual behavior is ;
2.1 A parody of a friend or school teacher probably because the
girl look bad, strong stance nasty boys like boys, slender look or sound like a
sweet girl, she is mocked by friends or teachers. Often enough, he’s doing a
parody of a heterosexual expression to cover shyness.
2.2 The relationship between students together female students
were more likely resembled the man since home is often grouped with the
boys in doing activities and being rejected by women friends. The friend refused
to give him the group with a male friend, so there I like girls more.
2.3 School events male students were given roles as women, whether
theatrical dance in the activities of the school, which received more attention
than the role of a man. There was pride on their roles as women, and female
students were given roles as men are getting more attention as women, such
as case studies, as well as the school’s athletic tom. Received attention from
others there was pride when show a male.
2.4 A group of friends with a homosexual tendency because the
boy can not join groups relatively strong, aggressive men who persecuted them
went swarming with people who have similar habits and appearance or to join
the girls or the girl to join a group of women made of soft beauty went swarming
with people who have similar habits and appearance or to join the boys.
3. Social environmental factors Social environment of students with
relation to sexual behavior is ;
Media consumption expression pattern recognition of male to female
or female different types of media such as a computer, television, newspapers,
journals and the internet, etc., which most likely has to imitate the singer’s actor
look sexual own favorite.


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