A Development of Meta-evaluation Model of School for Educational Service Area

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The purpose of this research was developed the meta evaluation model of school for
Educational Service Area. The research and development approach
The results of this study were as follow
1. The study of evaluated a meta-process, problems, barriers to internal evaluation of
schools were summarized as follows;
1.1The meta model to evaluate the school for Educational Service Area does not have the
exact model, most of the off-track, with speech, but also a lack of tools, method for off-track, check,
and evaluation of educational assessment clearly.
1.2School Directors used assign jobs to their personnel. Their jobs that assign according to
standards and criteria that took from the school that passed an evaluation.
1.3The school problems consist of; personnel lacked understanding of knowledge about
internal evaluation, Insufficient personnel, budget and increasing workload.
1.4Schools need help from the original affiliation for internal evaluation process about
internal Quality Assurance, personnel with knowledge, tools used to measure each standard/indicator,
calendar for tracking out and checking, and including the self-assessment report.
2 The results of the meta evaluation model studying of the Educational Area found that
evaluation model meta-study of the education area is appropriate and possible adoption. The Model
is structural for 6 elements corresponding such as 1) The meta review team, 2) meta evaluation
objectives 3) meta evaluative objects 4) meta evaluation process 5) meta-evaluation criteria and 6)
meta evaluation report.
3 The Results of the implementation of meta evaluation model found that the overall was
at medium level, but in the aspect found in the best one side; the assess mentor capacity. The model
was in good level two sides; the fair, honest and the public acceptance. The model was in
improvement level two sides; systematical study and public responsibility.
4 The results of Assessment meta evaluation model of school for Educational Service Area
found that the overall standard was good level at 53.57%. The possibility standard that the overall
level was very good at 75.00%. The satisfaction standard was very high level at 81.25% and standards
of accuracy were good level at 52.08%.

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