Meta-analysis of Research Learning and Teaching to Develop Mathematics Creativity

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Meta-analysis of research learning and teaching to develop mathematics creativity. The
objective was to study the effects size of factors that affect development mathematics creativity
and feature of the research that affect the effects size that affect the creativity of mathematics.
The scope of the research study was to synthesize a thesis graduate education in public
universities across the country published in the online database from the year 1972-2011 all 45 of
the studies. The data collected was feature of the research. Quality assessment score and research
results in the effect size. The collection of tools used to collect 2 sets was form of research
feature record and form research quality evaluation . Analysis of data begin meta-analysis on the
study feature of the research with by analyzing the data using descriptive statistics. Then test the
difference of the average effects size by analysis of variance (ANOVA). The next step was to test
the matching variable by means of Sheffe, with the result of the difference in effect size to
The results of the study were as follows :
1. Effects size of research studies on the impact on teaching and learning of
mathematical creativity all 45 of the studies. Calculated effects size was 45 average was 2.58
meaning to methods of teaching and learning helping to develop creativity was 2.58 times the
standard deviation. To characterize the distribution effects size right-skewed (sk=1.81) show that
the effects size is lower than the average of data and distribution of the information curve is
higher than normal (ku=3.78) effects size has a negative 1 values was 2.21% the mainly effect size
is between 1.1-2.1 has the number 25 values was 55.55% The extreme 2 values was 4.44%
2. A meta-analysis of research studies on the development of teaching and learning.
Creative mathematical variables, the research found that the average effect size differences are
statistically significant at the 0.05 level with two variables: the variables of the research. Variables
and methods of teaching and learning. When making comparisons with the methods of teaching
and learning by using creative media result in higher mathematics teaching and learning methods,
techniques and strategies. The methods of teaching and learning with other creative mathematical
result is no different.
Concluded that the method of teaching and learning by using creative media result in
higher mathematics teaching and learning methods, techniques and strategies, the activity. and
regular education. Each method of teaching and learning resulting difference is statistically
significant, so as educators, teachers, and stakeholders to develop creative math to students to
choose teaching methods and learning to suit the students and the use of media technology into
the teaching and learning by enabling students to develop their creativity even further.

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