A Model for Strengthening Community through Meditation Based Process for Peacebuilding

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The objectives of this research were to survey and analyze current
conditions, problems including changes of learning process, design a model for
strengthening community through a meditationbased process for peacebuilding,
and to implement and evaluate the model. The target population consisted of
local philosophers, community leaders, youths and villagers. The research site was
Khok Yai-Khok Dam Village, Buabarn Sub-district, Yang Talard District, Kalasin
Province. Qualitative methodology was employed for the community-based
research. The research instrument was an interview form, an observation form and
a note-taking form. The data were analyzed and presented by inductive method.
Results of the research were as follows:
1. The research findings showed that many changes in community
effected on the villagers’ home, food, clothes and medicine. The important
problems found in the community were immorality, drugs, gambling and poverty,
and these problems were the key factors for strengthening community.
2. The finding indicated that the model for strengthening community
through the meditation based process for peacebuilding, called “Watha A”,
consisted of building recognition and awareness, work recognition, practical
application for their daily life, collaborative working in community. The eight
activities were organized for strengthening community through the mediation
based process for peacebuilding. The activities were meditation walk, making
garland, making seasoning powder, growing vegetables, planting bamboo for food,
giving up drinking alcohol in the funeral, praying Buddhism lyric and sports against
3. The result of the final step revealed that the model for strengthening
community through the Watha A process improved the living of people in
community regarding recognition, morality and peace including happiness in both
family and community


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