A Construction of Self-Sufficiency Measuring Instruments Learning Strand for Matthayomsueksa 4

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To be sufficiently characteristic to cultivate the youth of the nation. The
measure is sufficient to measure the emotional sense, but now the lack of adequate
tools to measure the quality. The purpose of this research is to create a sufficient
measure for matthayomsueksa 4 students, to determine the quality of the instrument
to be adequate for matthayomsueksa 4 students in the accuracy of classification
confidence and norms, to rate a desirable feature of a sufficiently for students grade
4. The sample used in this study consisted of 658 from 16 school Matthomsueksa
4 students under the Office of Secondary Educational Service Area Zone 24 in the
second semester of the academic year 2010, obtained using the multi –stage random
sampling technique. The instruments used in research, there are 3 types of measures
are adequate for the 2 areas ; (1) of prudent living a modest, moral reasoning and
(2) the immunity of the good, adapted to live happily in society. The third test of
the quality of the measurements. To find the precise terms of the content, content
validity, construct validity, concurrent validity, discriminating, reliability and norm,
observation form and a questionnaire behavior. The quality-oriented content for accuracy
and stable condition.
The results were show as follows :
1. Measure is sufficient to create accurate content-oriented values from
0.60 to 1.00. Structural precision using the technique clearly aware of the issue and
the differences are statistically significant at the 0.01 level. Accuracy condition a
relationships are statistically significant at the 0.01 level. Both observations and
queries a correlation coefficient was 0.978 and 0.543, respectively, discriminating
powers ranging 464 to .663, reliability ranging 0.880 and the values range from .762
to .823. The observed behavior is sufficiently precise terms of content ranging from
0.60 to 1.00, discriminating powers ranging .563 to .613, reliability ranging .872, and
the values range from .756 to .809, and a behavior to be content validity from 0.60
to 1.00, discriminating powers ranging 0.532 to 0.589, reliability ranging 0.684 to 0.723
and the value range .684 to .723.
2. Normal score of self-Sufficiency range T12 to T71 and T22 and scored
as normal since the T86.


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