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The purpose of this research is to study The Decision Making of Food Truck Services in Bangkok.Choosing of 400 people who buys Food; goods, or services from Trucks, and the questioners is being used a tool for collecting data. To determine how the question on a test impacts the reliability, Cronbach’s alpha provided to measure the liability coefficient is that an alpha 0.93 indicated. The statistics methodologies are used in data analysis; descriptive statistics, which summarized data from a simple using indexes such as the percentage, mean, and standard deviation; and inferential statistics, which draw conclusion from data about the entire population is that widely statistical tests and procedure such as t-test (independent) or Student’s t-test ANOVA, F-test one way-ANOVA; it was found that the most categories of food truck being selected by beverage is the majority of respondents is the beverage. For the service decisions, the Personal Factors is the majority of factors affected the selective service decision and the new is important cause of decision; people want to consume the new good and service not has ever tested before, the place (distribution); the shopping mall or department store is the most popular selected by the responders which mostly travel on the weekend (Saturday-Sunday), the media technologies is also affected the buying decision, and the social media/ internet are the most interactive applications. Meanwhile, the personality characteristics of individual consumers was greatly appropriated for investigating the influences, on the consumer, to understand people’s want and need by using the Self attitude. In finding showed that the Personal Factors is the majority factor influencing the consumer analyzing and making decisions based on various demands be influent on decision such as causes, place, time and media. All of aforementioned various factors affected the decision on consumer behavior at statistic significant level of 0.01 and 0.05.


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บุญพรัด พ., & กรมเมือง อ. (2017). THE DECISION MAKING OF FOOD TRUCK SERVICES IN BANGKOK. Journal of KMITL Business School, 7(1), 1–14. Retrieved from
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